To Do List

Ranked by priority

    1. Finish home page layout. Right now, everything below the image slider is default – how the theme was built to display. It can all be changed to fit EOW Run.
    2. Fix logo.
      1. Make it transparent to fit the background Made it same bg color – done
      2. Fix the colors so the stripes stand out more
      3. Resize to appropriate banner sizes – started with full size so I can size down
      4. Add website to logo
      5. Create CMYK/print friendly logos if needed; or extra sizes to fit on other media (will finish after everything else)
    3. Change sliding image sizes to fit the slider and not take up so much space
    4. Check mobile responsiveness
    5. Edit/add content
      1. Add crowd funding links
      2. Create new copy/add facts or statistics (add sources/link out to ALL copy not 100% ours!)
      3. Add/expand team page
      4. Expand events page with updated events
      5. Add images from original EOW Run copy – double check img source/usage rights first, or replace with stock photos
      6. Add filler stock photos if needed
    6. Finish back end security
    7. Remove extra social media links that don’t link to anything
    8. Add donation buttons
    9. Misc. customization – site colors, background textures, minor visual details
    10. SEO
    11. Add favicon

Matt, if you please:


  • Comment out the YouTube and G+ images/links from the social media bar in header/footer. Will probably have to dig through CSS or other code to find it. (don’t delete it so we can remove the comment tags later if YT/G+ is used later)
  • Strip the “Page” widget from the footer. Annoying and unnecessary. Footer Widget area is a theme customization but there’s no option to turn it off.
  • Check the way the site looks in Chrome, Firefox, (mobile) Safari, (mobile) Chrome, IE, Edge
  • Install and activate Yoast SEO plugin – can install from the plugins list on the sidebar instead of manually downloading/uploading, just search. I’ll take care of each page’s SEO content.
  • Add <s> tags to what’s already been done on your list pls 🙂 From the text tab, not visual!

Added 9/22/16

  1. Finish supporting documentation/support for beginner WordPress usage
  2. Make site text flat black instead of lightish grey
  3. Add subtle texture to bg so it’s not flat white
  4. Add full favicon through FTP – right now favicon only displays on website pages but not backend admin panel pages
  5. Hook site up through google to keep track of website errors/submit for search engine indexing through Google, Bing, etc
  6. Hook up to RSS feed???


I uploaded all photos of events and videos from news crews over the month of OCtober. I added videos to articles page, couldn’t link them or embed them.


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