EOW Run was created by Mike Gordon and Adam Dibble when they saw the need to pay respect to public servants. Out of the many organizations that pay tribute to fallen military service members, EOW Run wanted to recognize the communities that these individuals might have come from, and honor the commitment that it takes to serve in the line of duty. They want to create a network for military members, veterans, and first responders – that is, police, fire and rescue, and their families.

Fact: There are nearly 21,000 in the line of duty police officer deaths over the past 200 years. There have been 25 K9 in the line of duty deaths. There have been over 4500 fire fighter in the line of duty deaths over the past years. Military in the line of deaths only major combat wars: Since 1980 7,673 deaths, since 1775 1,354,664 died.

Mission Statement

EOW Run is a nonprofit organization that honors the commitment of specific individuals and the communities they served.  EOW Run’s goal is to create a network for military members and veterans, first responders to include police, fire and rescue and their families.  It is our hope to bring these diverse groups and communities together to create a common bond.

We have what we call “Come Run Remember” events of which after that title will be a name that is being honored in a specific community.  These events that have this title will always be a free event.

We plan and will have other events in the communities that will be donation driven events as well as paid to help offset the costs to put on the community event as well as to keep the “Come Run Remember” events free.

We had a “Come Run Remember Brian Jones” on May 30th this year.  It was exactly 2 years to the day that Norfolk Police Officer Brian Jones was killed in the line of duty. His End of Watch(EOW) date.

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